Oh, so now you expect me to wait?

Waiting is not my strong suit.  Seriously.

Once all my testing was done, it was all bundled nicely and forwarded off to my insurance company (KPS) for approval of the surgery.  No one expects there to be any issues, it is just part of the process.  So, it could take 15 business days (why do people quote things in business days?  Why not just say normal human days?).

Don’t get me wrong – I understand the reason for the delay.  If you just let people walk in off the street to get the surgery without all the hoops, you’d have an awful lot of skinny people walking around.  How the heck would that be a good idea.

Wait, what?

Anyway, that’s why there hasn’t been a lot of posting since the first post.  There really isn’t much to add, until we hear back from my insurance to approve the surgery.

Oh, wait – there is this:

The surgeon’s office would like me to lose about 20 pounds over the next month or so.  My primary care doctor thinks that’s stupid – that is almost a pound a day, and he said that isn’t safe.  Why the weight loss? I have a lot of fat in my liver.  (Frankly, I thought I had a lot of fat in me everywhere).    I will do what I can, and lose what I can, but I don’t imagine if I lose 15 instead of 20, they are going to care that much. Their quote was that  they would like it if I would ‘try to lose’ that weight.

Lastly, I have some bacteria in my stomach as well, too, that is linked to maybe potentially someday but not right now causing stomach cancer.  A lot of people have it.  You probably do too and just don’t know it.  But, they want me to treat it because it could slow down my healing process.  I have an appointment with them in February, but it doesn’t sound like it will be a delay in the surgery.

Happy Saturday.  Go Hawks.

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