Well, after waiting for nearly the ENTIRE 15 day waiting period (trust me, I was counting the days), I have big news:

My insurance has approved the surgery.

So, what does that mean?


1 – Nothing imminently. I have to fax the approval letter to the Doctor’s office (seems they told me before they told them). Then, it goes to the doctor who will perform the surgery for him to review my information. Then, in about a week, he will give it back to the schedule lady to book the surgery.
2 – I did email her today to ask how far out they were booking surgeries. Last I heard it was 4-6 weeks. She didn’t reply, so I think I will probably hear tomorrow.
3 – Then, we set a date. But between now and the surgery date, a few things need to happen: I need to drop about 14 pounds, I need to have two meetings with the doctors office – A nursing class and a Nutrition class – and then I have to have a follow up with the surgeon.

BEST CASE SCENARIO: We schedule it out at the end of February. That would be perfect.

WORST CASE SCENARIO: The Russians invade us, take away our health care and no surgery (well, you wanted a worst case, right?)

More to come…when I know…lol

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