Save the Date!

We have set a date for the surgery – far sooner than I expected.

I was told originally that after the insurance company approved the surgery, it would go to my Doctor to review, and a week later or so, they would set the date – probably 4-6 weeks in the future.

So, that got me a tad worries, since I have the cruise in May and don’t want to be coming right out of surgery into that.  So, I waited with baited breath to see exactly how far into March – or maybe even April – we set the date.

Well, I was a bit off.

The surgery is set for this month.  That’s right, February 24th.

I have at least 6 different appointments between now and then, including 4 the week of the surgery.  So, I will be taking 4 weeks off, effective the 22nd.  I don’t go back to work until the 24th of March.

So what is on the horizon?

A pre-op meeting with my surgeon.  Phone calls with the hospital to confirm my current medications.

A nursing class, because clearly, no one thinks I am smart enough to figure out how to nurse my five 1-inch incisions.  Or how to take vitamins and pain meds.

A nutrition class.  This is the most important class I think I will take.  The dietary guidelines for the 6 weeks after the surgery are rough – could be the hardest thing I ever do.  But, I don’t really have a choice but to follow it.  If I eat to much, I will make myself sick.

I do know that the first week after surgery will be liquid only – broth, water, sugar free juice.  No milk.  No steak.  No burgers.

Is it too late to change my mind?

Just kidding.  Kinda.

I’m ready for this, or as ready as I can be.  Mentally, I am about as ready as I can get.  I’m just glad it is coming sooner, rather than later.

On a side note, I joined the YMCA in Silverdale last week.  Worked out Saturday and Sunday.  Will try to go back Wednesday morning before work.

Now, why would I join NOW!!!?  Simple.  I have to figure out what I am doing after the surgery, how it will work, what my plan will be.  So, joining now gives me two weeks to work out normally.  Get a plan in my mind what I need to do once I am off light duty from the surgery and back to normal.

After the surgery, I will be on a ‘lift nothing over 10 pounds for 4 weeks’ rule.  So, during that time, I will be at the Y every day, hitting the pool, walking, something to be active daily.  After 4 weeks, I will be used to it, and when I go back to work, I will be ready to migrate back to the plan that I am working now.

Now, I just need to find someone who will play racquetball with me….

More updates to come, probably more often as we get closer to surgery.  Certainly after surgery I will post regularly to keep track of the process.

Stay safe, peeps.

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