Achievement Unlocked: Nursing class completed


Completed a 90 minute nursing class on Monday in Federal Way (yes, they made me travel an hour to take a nursing class).

Actually, the class was helpful.  Here is what I learned:

1 – I will most certainly only be in the hospital overnight.  (I believed this before, but this solidified the thought).

2 – Surgery will take about 3 hours, barring complications.

3 – After surgery, they will have me up to walk every 2 hours. Even at night.  When I should be sleeping. I will be awake and walking.  WHA!!!!  This is actually good, designed to protect me from developing any blood clots, which would be bad.

4 – The will have me on Percocet (the worst pain killer in the world for me) for several days, or weeks, depending.  I hate Percocet.  I had to take it once when I had my wisdom tooth pulled.  Didn’t do jack for me.  I’m going to request Vicodin.  I don’t think he will give it to me.

5 – After I get home, I will have to get up and walk every hour or so.  Nothing long or extensive, just a couple laps around my downstairs.  Again, to prevent blood clots.

6 – I think the only surprising thing that came out of Monday was the fact that it is possible I may end up having an ‘open’ surgery (non-lathroscopic).  There is always a risk that the lathroscopic may not work, so they reserve the right to do a full, open surgery.  That isn’t very comforting.

Over all, though, nothing new. Some clarification on what to expect, really.   I don’t expect complications or anything major, so no use worrying about it.

Next appointment is Monday afternoon – the nutrition appointment.  I get to learn how to eat soup.

…insert witty comment here…

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