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20160219_175018– Had a great ‘(Half Of) KDawg’s going away party Friday night.  Really surprised by some of the people who came.  It was just a great time, and was great to get out with friends without worrying about any of the post-surgery stuff.  I didn’t eat as much at the buffet as I thought I would, didn’t drink as much as I thought I would.  Maybe, even without the surgery, I am ready to leave a lot of these behaviors behindd me.

– Had my ‘Last Meal’ on Saturday night.  Even though the surgery isn’t until Wednesday, I have to eat ‘light’ for the 3 days before the surgery.  So, Saturday night was my last night to splurge, and splurge I did – Steak, Shrimp, hot link, pasta shells and corn.  As I posted on Facebook, I will probably never eat this way again.

– That doesn’t mean I am eating bird food – I am able to eat normal food, just not in large amounts.  So, for the next couple days, I will enjoy my last bowls of Fruity Pebbles (my favorite cereal) and some light meals before the surgery.

Which brings me to my next thought – People are awesome, and reassuring.  However, people are misled. I posted on my page that I wouldn’t be eating anymore of my favorite cereal after this exercise, and I had a couple comments about how after the surgery, down the road, I can go back to it.  I have no desire to go back to it.  The only way this surgery is 100% effective is if I stick with the plan.  The plan is to take this as a total re-boot.  If I plan on this as a temporary life change, then eventually, I will go back to the behaviors that led me here in the first place.

And, it will have to be deliberate to go back to the old ways. If I eat wrong, or too much, after the surgery, then it will make me sick.  Puke.  I hate puking.  So, I am going to play my diet pretty conservative after the surgery.  No soda.  No high sugar crap.  Smarter eating.

Had a phone call this morning with Pre-Op.  We covered allergies, medications I am currently on (which is just my thyroid med) and other pre-op stuff.  Their instructions were pretty easy – nothing to eat or drink after midnight the night before the surgery.  No shaving the day before or day of the surgery.  Showing up at 845, ready to go.

I had a great few moments at church Sunday with Keith – not really sure what his official title at church is.  Pastor, associate pastor, not sure.  To me, he’s my pastor.  I don’t care  if there is an official paper that says so or not.   We got some prayers in, and I am very much at peace with this. I won’t lie – I have had some feelings of anxiety, especially since I’ve never had any other type of surgery before.  I firmly believe, however, that God will use this for something great.

My life is an amazing story of all my mistakes, and an amazing life redeemed by Christ.  It’s funny how all my mistakes are flipped around to something positive.  It’s not by my doing.  God has a plan in this for me.  I’m very excited to see what it says.

Heading back to the hospital in a bit.  Today is the Nutritionist visit – probably the most important pre-surgery visit I will have.  This visit will cover my food and nutrition intake for the next 4-6 weeks.

I’m sure I will have more to post later tonight


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