Nutrition Visit…

So, my last big appointment (outside of signing paperwork on Tuesday afternoon) is complete. Today, it was the nutritional appointment.

Here is what I know:

1 – The first week after the surgery will be liquid only.  Sugar free popsicles, broth, tons of water (flavored water is okay), but nothing with ANY amount of sugar.  And, at least 48 ouches a day of water.

2 – The next two weeks are – basically – baby food.  Anything that has been pureed, soft foods like Greek Yogurt, soup, etc.  Nothing with sugar over 5 grams for any meal (this is the ongoing rule for sugar).  I also need to start doing protein shakes to ensure I get 60-80 grams a day (that’s right, EVERY DAY) of protein.

3 – The next two weeks are soft foods – mashed potatoes, eggs, etc.  Plus the protein shakes.  Plus the water.

4 – After that, it’s normal eating, the ‘life long’ food plan.  However, as I have mentioned before, I am going to eat smart, stay away from soda and fast food.

4 – After 2 weeks from the surgery, I have to start taking supplements, especially to cover for iron and calcium  The iron (which will be part of a multi-vitamin) will be once a day, but the calcium will be – get this – 3 times a day, because the body can’t absorb all the calcium at once.  And it can’t be taken the same time as the iron.  Because they said so.

This is the part where it gets a bit more overwhelming – not in fear, but just in all the stuff I have to do and pills to take and steps to ensure.  No, I’m not getting scared  Yes, I am still going to do it.  It is just a lot to look out for.

Lastly, is this:

Meals, once out of the initial 5 week adaptation period, will be – no more than – ½ cup total.  Not ½ cup each ingredient.  ½ cup total from plate to tummy.  Now, I will be doing 3-6 small meals a day, but I am really going to have to focus on adapting my eyes to match what I should eat, not what I am used to eating.

36 hours to go.  For now, it’s off to bed.

Check in again tomorrow.

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