Post surgical update…

I probably shouldn’t be blogging, but I decided I wanted to get everything written and posted while it still clear how things went and what I experienced.

DAY 1 – WEDNESDAY:  Surgery day.  The surgery itself went off without a hitch.  I was under anesthesia before I even left pre-op and I didn’t wake up at all until I was already in my room. The first couple hours after surgery were okay as well, until we hit hurdle number one:  Nausea.  Turns out, the more I took in, the sick I would get.  They did a scan and that doctor that reviews the scans (not my surgeon) said he thought I had kind of an obstruction.  If there was an obstruction, it meant either another surgery or using a scope to down and break it up.

My doctor, however, didn’t think it was an obstruction at all, and instead thought it was just blockage caused by swelling.  So, he put me on a med that would help reduce swelling to see if that would work.  And work, it did.  I was finally able to keep my water down and have only had one bout of nausea since.

Outside of that, day one was pretty much set according to plan, and I was expecting to go home on Thursday. I was wrong.

DAY 2 – THURSDAY:  Thursday opened well, with me just trying to drink down the required amounts of water – plus the occasional sugar free Popsicle (do you know they don’t melt?  Like, seriously…they don’t melt.  It’s so weird…).  The problem Thursday was, with the nausea the day before, I was well behind where I should have been on my water intake, so they eventually decided to keep me in for another night.

And Thursday night was the most miserable night.  I wasn’t in a lot of pain, but I had been sleeping on my back for past 36 hours.  My back was sore, I was exhausted – hospitals are not a place to get sleep – and frankly, by this point, I was sick of being there.  That night, I couldn’t get comfortable. I switched from the bed to the chair, back to the bed, back to the chair.  One of the important things to remember is that I normally sleep on my stomach or my side and at this point, neither of those were an option.

(Graphic post warning)  I also encountered my first bowel movement.  Let’s just say it isn’t like any poop I have ever had in my life.  It was black, more like tar.  And – the worst part – is surprised the crap out of (literally).  It came out of nowhere, and before I knew what hit me, I had a bit of a mess to clean up.  I had a couple smaller movements later in the day, but nothing like that.  Man, that was so gross…

I was able to drink down fluids, though, and I was peeing and farting normally, so I figured I’d go home Friday morning.  Wrong again.

DAY 3 – FRIDAY:  Friday morning brought two more issues.  One not so major – my potassium was running way low.  One somewhat more concerning – my heart rate was staying consistently over 110 bpm.  Overall, I was feeling fine, but they wanted to pump me full of potassium and – hopefully – to get my heart rate under 100 bpm.  My heart rate never got there, – and, in fact, never even really improved, it just stayed at about 112 bpm.  My doctor, however, made the call to send me home anyway.  There is some thought that since I was sick of being in the hospital, I was unable to relax or get much sleep, that letting me go home would help the issues with my heart rate.

I made it home about 8pm Friday night, and had a really good night’s sleep. I’m still not alert or 100% awake – it took me over an hour to write this blog, just due to moments I would rest my eyes or have to go back to correct all the typos.

Overall, though, I am feeling okay.  My pain is minimal, at least.  I’m sleeping just fine at home.  While I am still exhausted, and still need the rest, I’m doing okay.

I won’t be leaving the house or accepting any visitors for a few days, at least.  That also means I will be missing Shon’s memorial service today.  I feel really bad that I can’t be there.  I think he would understand, though.  Very sad to have to say goodbye to a good man like that, and I wish I could have made it.

I’ll post more as I can, but it will probably be a day or two. Just typing this one out has kicked my butt.

Thanks for all the kid words and support.


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