#Achievement Unlocked: Pureed Food

Weight at last office visit (2/23/2016):  353

Weight on 3/1/2015:  333

Loss to date:  20 Pounds

Since I had some concerns when I got out of the hospital last week, rather than wait for the normal 2 weeks for a follow up, my doctor instead had me come in today for the follow up.  While I was there, I did a weigh in, which is where the numbers above came from.

Let’s get the concerns out of the way first.

There are none.  Notta.  While they did ask me to keep an eye on my heart rate – it is still running a bit high – but it isn’t enough to be a serious concern.

Everything else is gravy.  The incisions are healing fine, I am up walking normally – although if I do too much, it flat kicks my butt.  I walked the 4 block round trip from the house to the girls’ school to pick them up and just that walk pretty much knocked me out.  So, while I don’t feel bad, I’m certainly not up to doing even the normal stuff I was doing a week ago today.

I have zero pain, and have pretty much stopped on the painkillers.  They gave me enough to last a week after surgery – plus another, oh, I don’t know, three months.  Clearly, they thought I would use a lot of it, but since I hate meds, the chances of me using it is nil.  I did have to the first few days but I haven’t had any today, and only really take it now when I am getting ready for bed, more to ease any discomfort.  And I still have a bit of discomfort – again, not really pain, just this stomach that is telling me that things have changed.  Which they have.  I certainly don’t feel like I have had a major internal surgery, but my tummy just feels…off…

Food is curious.  At this point, I’ve drank enough water for Jesus to make enough wine for Vegas.  The big change today is that with the clean bill of health, they have allowed me to upgrade from a liquid only diet to a ‘pureed’ food diet.  Think baby food.  So, at this point, I can have pudding, thin soup (nothing with any kind of chunks), yogurt, etc.  I should also be upgrading my meals to include more fruits and vegetables.  Fruits?  No issue, I actually had a pureed peach today with a little bit of cool whip, and that was just fine.  However, pureed vegetables?  What in the name of Steve Perry am I going puree?  Carrots?  Peas?   Spinach?  You have to be kidding me.

I’m also doing a ton of math – trying to calculate protein amounts or sugar grams is a pain.  Often times, I can get it on the web.  Sometimes, I can’t and I have to do algebra.

No one told me I would have to do algebra.  I hate algebra.

More to come….


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