A quick update

Today was a rough day.  I won’t call it a ‘bad’ day – I am sure my ‘bad’ days are yet to come.  But, today was a little rough.

First problem is I tried to sleep in my own bed last night.  Bad idea.  Because of the surgery, I currently can only sleep on my back.  Not my side or my belly, just my back.  I had been sleeping in a recliner chair ever since I got home, but I though ‘Hey, I feel pretty good, I think I can try to sleep in a regular bed.’

Yeah, I’m an idiot.  The soft mattress didn’t bode well, and I couldn’t even get to lay on my side.  At about 4 am, I finally gave up and moved to the living room.

So, my day was a tired, wretched mess.  I didn’t feel well at all – I think it was a combination of the lack of sleep, plus adding in new pieces to the diet with the pureed diet.

My key lesson today is that while I feel good – it is one week since surgery.  One week.  I am going to need to be a little more patient with myself in this process.  And rationally, I know it has only been a week, but when you sit around all day and wait for the next time you are able to eat, it makes that week feel like far more than a week.

So, if someone reads this later who is about to go through this process, my point is to relax.  Take it slow.  It will feel like forever, but stay to your plan, take care of yourself and keep your schedule.

And know there is a happy turn waiting.  For example, tonight I got a power nap, and then I had a small cup of pudding with some whip cream.

And tomorrow, we do this again.  Here we go…

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