Not all blood clots are built the same…


So, it turns out Kevin has a blood clot.

I had a knot in my calf since yesterday, so this morning – in keeping up with the post I made yesterday about listening more to my body – I called my doctor’s office to let them know.  It was one of the things they specifically went over with me at discharge:  Anytime you have a major surgery, you have to keep an eye open for the risk of blood clots, which isn’t uncommon.

So, after I called the doctor’s office this morning, they asked me to go to the local ER – Harrison Medical Center and Bathhouse – for a check on if there was anything to check on.  I detest Harrison.  Always have.  From how they handled my oldest son’s cancer tests, to my Dad’s surgery and my Mom’s screwed up diagnosis by their emergency department.  But, per my surgeon, off I went.

I took a CAT scan.  An Ultrasound.  An X-RAY.  Basically, the poo poo platter of medical tests.  And what did we find?

One, I do have a blood clot, in my left calf.  This isn’t actually as big of a deal as it sounds.  The blood clots that concern doctors are ‘deep vein’ blood clots, where they are linked to the larger arterial network.  Those clots are the ones that can break loose and lead to your lungs, heart, brain, etc.  The type of clot I have is NOT deep vein, and really poses no threat.  I am going to take some aspirin for a week and then check in with my Surgeon in a week.

There are no other clots, though, in my lungs, legs or anywhere else.  This is VERY good news.

The only other thing to come out of today is that I have some lung inflammation, which is a normal result of a surgery, but is something to keep an eye on.  Otherwise, everything looks good.

And so we go into week 2…

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