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So, I am essentially a week into this ‘Puree Food Diet’ and – let me tell you – this totally sucks.

There are only so many things you can puree.  And that – in itself is the issue.

For example, breakfast for me has been some Greek yogurt, pureed with some fruit (including baby food peaches.  Yes, baby food.  I’m a shadow of my former self).  Maybe add a little protein shake to thin it down.  But that is it.  It leaves a lot lacking for taste.

Lunch and dinner is soup – pureed, of course – which limits the soups.  Sure, you think you can puree down just about any soup, but you can’t.  I got a broccoli and cheese bisque.  That was the grossest thing I think I have ever tasted in my life.

Most things are not meant to be pureed.

And, of course, there are the multi-vitamins (which taste like horse dung), calcium tablets and D3 supplements.  At least the Calcium and D3 are chewable and taste like orange.

And, also – don’t forget the constant drive to try to get to 48 ounces of water a day, plus 60 grams of protein (which I make up with protein shakes).

My savings grace at the moment – if you can believe it – is sugar free Jello.  That is some good stuff.  Which means, I have the palette of a toddler.

It’s all very regimented and very bland.  And I’m not complaining – in the slightest.  I knew about this coming in, and I am halfway there.  But the premise of pureed foods is next to impossible to like, or look forward to.

Frankly, I want a piece of chicken.

So, if you ever go through this surgery, prepare yourself mentally for these 5 weeks (or so, depending on what your doctor orders).  It’s annoying and challenging.  It will also make the next stage – soft food stage – even more enjoyable when it arrives.

Now, if you will excuse me, I’m going to go dream of fried chicken.

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