2 Week Report

Weight at pre-surgery office visit (2/23/2016):  353

Weight on 3/10/2015:  324

Loss to date:  29 Pounds

Had my follow up with the surgeon today, and here is what we know:

No more concerns about blood clots or any other issues.  The Doctor is impressed with my progress, and no concerns.  Heart rate seems to be back under control, all is going very well.  I couldn’t be happier.

Doctor was also impressed with the weight loss to date.  Almost 30 pounds in two weeks?  I’ll take that, thank you very much.  Honestly, I’m not as stuck on the number of pounds lost as the fact that I am losing it.  Numbers are…numbers.  It will all eventually come off either way, so as long as I keep moving positive, I will be happy.

Ran into my friend Dan after the appointment today, who said he sees the weight loss more in my face and chest than anywhere else.  The belly fat will take longer to come off, I suppose.  Which is not ideal but part of the race, I suppose.

The best news, however, is the fact that I am moved up to eating soft foods – a week a head of schedule.  Doctor is really impressed with my progress, and said it is a good time to start adding soft foods.  So, after the appointment, I had scrambled eggs with cheese for the first time.  Went down fine, had no issues and no tummy issues.  I am so excited to be out of the pureed food stage.  Soft foods isn’t perfect, but it certainly is better.

On top of that, the doctor said that if – after a week or so – I am not having any issues with soft foods, I can start introducing real food into my diet.  Again, way ahead of schedule – about 2 weeks or so – but I think it speaks to how well the doctor thinks I am doing.  So, assuming it goes well, I can move on to some real food in about a week or so.

Oh, and one piece of additional info – My doctor has given me permission to get back in the pool.  That means, I get to return to the ‘Y’ and get back to doing the pool with the girls.  It will be good exercise for me, and they enjoy getting in the water with Dad, so it’s a bonus.

I did ask about going back to work – Doctor doesn’t want me to yet.  The issue isn’t the job – it’s a desk job – but more so the commute.  I am still on a 10 lb weight limit for the full 4 weeks, and he doesn’t want me trying to pack lunches, protein shakes, etc, and hauling that daily to work.  Too many concerns over hernia’s, for example.  So, regardless how good I am doing, I will be out the full 4 weeks.

No complaints.  Two weeks in, I couldn’t have scheduled this to be doing any better.  I am incredibly blessed, really. I have heard horror stories about some people that have a really hard time.  God has blessed me thus far into the journey.  More work to be done, gotta keep at it.

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