3 week check in

Weight at pre-surgery office visit (2/23/2016):  353

Weight on 3/16/2015:  316

Loss to date:  37 Pounds

Three weeks down, here is where things stand.

The weight loss is going great – really great.  It has slowed a tad, which isn’t surprising considering the fact that I am no longer on a liquid or pureed diet.  Still, I am averaging still more than a pound a day, which I can certainly live with.

Not all is perfect – My doctor has asked me to slow down on exercise.  My heart rate is doing loops, and not in a good way.  For example, your normal, resting heart rate should be about 70-80 beats per minute (bpm).  My resting heart rate is somewhere in the range of 95-105 bpm.  If I get up and do anything – and I mean even if I get up to walk to the bathroom – my heart rate elevates to somewhere between 110-120.

How does this impact me?  Here’s how:  I went to the YMCA on Saturday and spent about an hour in the pool with the girls. Nothing strenuous, just some light swimming and hanging out.  It felt good, until that night…and Sunday…and most of the day Monday.  I was dead on my feet.  Exhausted.  I don’t take naps but I needed one each day.

Obviously, this isn’t good.  From what I can tell so far, there are three reasons that this could be happening 3 weeks after surgery:

1 – I am not getting enough liquid.  This could cause dehydration, and thus increase my heart rate.  I am drinking somewhere in the neighborhood of 35-45 ounces of liquid a day, which is below the amount they want (48 ounces).

2 – I have some type of infection or issue with my interior wounds.  I honestly think this is really unlikely, as I have no other symptoms – no pain, no fever.

3 – And I think this is most likely – I think it is my thyroid.  I am on Thyroid Replacement medications from when I had Graves Disease.  The medication, however, was based on my needs back when I weighed 350 lbs – and I am now down nearly 40 pounds.  It is highly likely that I am now taking more meds than I need based on my current weight.

Regardless, I am following up with my primary care doctor on Monday to figure out what is going on.  In the meantime, however, no exercise of any sustenance, although I am still doing some walking and plan to go back to the pool this weekend.

I met with a nutritionist today to go over my dietary plans going forward.  The initial meeting was great, and I think the meetings with her will help re-shape my diet agenda moving forward.

On the diet right now is mostly really soft foods – soups, yogurt, etc.  I did try some chili a couple days ago – that went over like a fart in church.  It made me a bit sick to my stomach.  I’m honestly not sure if it was the chili itself or the amount of gas it created.  It will be a while before I try chili again.

Otherwise, just about everything else is going down just fine.  And, later this week, I will try to introduce some solid food.  I have tested some solid foods this week – Dad made pork steak today, and I had a few bites and it went well.  I have also had a little bacon – less than a slice at a time – but enough to test the tummy to see how it holds up.

One of the things that my online support sites have mentioned is a good snack is cheese crisps.  Know what that is?  It’s cheese.  But in the oven and melted until it is thin like a chip.  Kinda like you get when you melt some in the pan when you make grilled cheese sandwiches.  If you check the nutritional content of cheese, it is good on protein, not too bad on calories and no sugar (which is my main challenge moving forward).

Also – something weird – I get cold now.  I never got cold before, but I get chills now.  I guess that is what happens you drop almost 40 pounds in 3 weeks.

I go back to work a week from tomorrow, barring any changes.  I’m ready to get back to it, but I think that the diet will become hardest when I am planning and packing my daily lunch.  It’s going to be fun to see where this all goes next….

Thanks for following the journey…


  1. Charlotte

    It’s not the rapid weight loss….it’s just the weight loss period that leaves you cold.. Your body doesn’t have to work as hard as it did 40 pounds ago so it’s producing less heat overall. This will keep being an issue on your journey. You will eventually balance out.

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