4 week check in

Okay, so I am a few days late.  Shoot me.

My 4 weeks from surgery date has come and gone (March 23rd), here is what I know:

My heart rate issues turned out to be caused from a medication non-related to my surgery.  I am on a thyroid hormone replacement back from when I suffered from Graves Disease and they killed off my thyroid.  My dosage, which was set a few months before surgery, was based on my weight – which, at that time, was about 55 pounds more than I weight now.  With the drop in weight, the medication was giving my heart too much hormone, basically making it go faster than it needed to go.  How do we fix it?  Well, I think we already have – I had a doctor appointment earlier this week where we rechecked my levels, then my doctor adjusted my medication to match where I am.  The change from the meds won’t be immediate – I have a good amount of the meds stored in my system – but with a week or so, my heart rate should return to normal.  And, none of this was anyone’s fault, we had no way to know how the surgery would take, how much weight I would lose or how it would impact the amount of medication I have taken.  So, we will continue to evaluate it and see how it goes.  Next follow up in six weeks, and my hope is that I have lost enough weight that we have to reduce my dosage again.

I returned to work on Thursday (3-4-2016).  It was easier than I figured it would be (physically), although getting up at the crack of dawn is a little harder than it was before.  I suppose that’s because I didn’t have to do it for 4 weeks.  Regardless, it will come in time.  Co-workers were awesome, a lot of nice comments, you look good, etc etc.  I see it in my face – a lot – but I don’t know if I see it anywhere else.  I’m not worried about it, mind you – this is a marathon, not a sprint.  This isn’t going to happen overnight, and patience is warranted.

The only challenge with going to work and back (and my wonderful 2 hour daily commute) is that I was exhausted by the time I got home.  The extra walking – which before was just normal – took a bit of a toll on me.  Again, I will get it back – and hopefully more stamina – it will just take some time.  In the meantime, it’s earlier to bed for me…

Food is going better and better.  I graduated to introducing solid foods at 3 ½ weeks.  I haven’t had issues with most foods – although chili was not something that held well in my tummy.  I didn’t puke, but for a while, I felt like I wanted to.  I have experimented with some chicken, asparagus, watermelon, strawberries, tomatoes, cheese and meat sticks (shaddup!) and all have done fine.  Just an idea what I am having for food today:

8am:  Breakfast – Greek Yogurt with strawberries

10am:  Protein Shake

1pm:  3 oz Watermelon

3pm:  Lunch – Chicken topped with Swiss and tomatoes

5:30pm:  Salami and cheese stick

7pm:  Dinner – Pizza Wonton Wrap.

830pm:  Fudgesicle (low cal, low sugar)

It honestly doesn’t seem too far different from my normal eating before the surgery, but the portions are teeny tiny, and I am actively looking for less sugar and less fat in what I buy.

Lastly, physically, I feel good.  My surgical sites are healed nicely, I have no pain or discomfort when I eat or drink (unless I eat or drink too fast, then it feels like someone is stepping on my esophagus).  My back is killing me – which I figure is a mix of rapid weight loss, carrying my stuff to work and the HORRIBLY uncomfortable seats on the ferry.  After a few weeks of having issues sleeping, I think that all worked out and I am sleeping much better.

Honestly, the journey continues, but it continues well.  I have no complaints, no concerns really.  I have been so incredibly blessed in this so far, with no compilations, no issues.  Now, we just keep going and see where it leads me.

Thanks for being a part of the journey….


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