I haven’t updated the blog in a while.  Why?  There isn’t a lot to say.

My path has been…simple, and easier than I expected.  Changing the eating habits were easy , once I found a couple cheats that work to replace food I won’t eat again.

One of my favorite replacements are Wonton Wraps – a good replacement for bread, pasta and tortillas.  I have found creative ways to incorporate them into my meals.  The benefits?  Less carbs, fat and sugar than bread.  I also use egg wraps, but they don’t get as crispy as wonton wraps do when they are baked.

But outside of the culinary adaptations, everything moves along as normal.  I eat far less than I used to, for sure, but my energy level is good.  I have puked 4 times since surgery, but I think it was more about acid reflux (my doc now has me on a med for it) than it was about what I was eating.  It’s also possible I ate too quickly, something I have to watch out for.

Today at work was a very positive day for my self esteem.  Several people came up to me to tell me how much better I look, how they notice the difference, etc.  Some days, I don’t see it, so having the random people noticing of people around me is nice.

And now the update.

I can’t think of the last time I weighed under 300lbs.  I am sure I haven’t weighed under that since Maddi (my 13 year old daughter was born).  I’m honestly not sure, but it has been forever.

Until this weekend.

I weighed in at the Y, and I was at 298.4.  My heaviest weight, according to my doctor records, was 365.  I was at 352 when I had surgery.  Today, I am under 300. It’s probably not a huge deal to anyone else, but it was my first milestone.

My next milestone is 275.  Why?  It’s halfway to 250, of course.  If I break this into 25 pound steps, I can enjoy all the little celebrations.

So, 8 weeks out of surgery (on 4-20-2016), I will be down 55lbs or so.  I feel good.  No problems.  No issues.  This was a good choice.

So far, everything has worked out as it should.


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