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It’s been a long time since I updated the blog.  Yes, I admit it – I’ve done a pretty lousy job updating it.

The reason why is simple – I have nothing to update.  I mean, the process has gone exceedingly well – so well, in fact, that I continue to drop weight, have zero complications (well, zero major complications) and have nothing really exciting to write about the process.

So, let’s do an update on where things stand:  My highest weight pre-surgery was 365lbs.  My weight the day before surgery was 353lbs.  My weight, as of last Saturady (June 11th) is 280lbs.  That means – since surgery – I am 73lbs down.

I don’t have any issues in my diet, except for the following:

– No rice.

– No soft bread (I can eat toast, but nothing soft.  Yes, that means no sammiches)

– Milk was fine, but lately has been giving me a little issue.  Could be I am becoming lactose intolerant, which would SUCK.

That’s it.  Other than keeping my sugar intake EXTERMELY low, that is the only issues I am dealing with diet-wise.

I did go through a ‘stall’ – when my weight didn’t drop at all regardless of what I tried – for about 2 weeks.  But the stall was temporary and eventually closed.  I average about 2-4 pounds per week – which means by the end of Summer, I can go out in my speedo (Haha- just kidding).

So, from here on out, I will try to post more often. I will share some recipe stuff, some ideas of my normal diet, and as I start counseling – a normal part of the process of losing weight after surgery to address body image issues and changing behaviors – I will start exploring deeper issues on this page.  This blog certainly isn’t over.  While the journey is well underway – and I am more than halfway to my goal weight – there are still so many angles to my life to address in this process.

Lastly, Thanks.  To all of you.  For nice notes, nice FB messages, nice comments.  Thank you.  This journey has been a generally simple one, but the comments are really appreciated and help me recognize the progress I am making.

More posts to come…

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