Daily Menu

Daily Menu

I posted a while ago that I would give a write-up about how I eat, now that I have had my surgery.  So, I figured I would get into that now and share how I eat.  I will also share a bit on what I won’t eat, and why.

It is important to note that I bring my meals and my snacks to work, so I end up having much of the same food each day, because it is easier to pack it and I know what I need to bring.

BREAKFAST (About 730am):

Breakfast for me is always very basic, and always (pretty much) the same thing.  Today, for example, my breakfast was:

1 Oikos Triple Zero Yogurt (0 added sugar/0 fat/0 Artificial Sweeteners)

3 Strawberries

1 piece of toast with peanut butter (OR 7 ritz crackers with peanut butter).

GOALS:  Some fruit, and lots of protein (which I gain by eating the Peanut Butter and the Yogurt)

This is actually a bit much for me to eat, and some mornings, I spread it out over the course of a couple hours before I eat it all.

SNACK 1 (About noon):

This varies, but lately, has been any one of the following:

Fresh fruit (cherries, strawberries, etc), or

Fresh Veggies (Cucumber, celery), or

Salami and cheese

Goals:  I don’t get enough fruits and (especially) vegetables in my diet, so lately, I have been focusing on trying to up that.  The snacks are a great chance to do so, however, I am also not a big fan of them, so I tend to end up doing fruits (Cherries have been my favorite lately)

LUNCH (About 2pm):

Lunch is more challenging, and generally less than breakfast.  It also varies more often than not.  Today, for example, I had:

Seasoned beef on a tortilla with cheese, salsa and lettuce.

Carrots and celery.

Goals:  Again, more protein and more veggies.  I don’t think I have an issue getting all my protein per day – but that’s because I eat so much meat in general.

Other options:  Hamburger patty with pickles, Salad with chicken, leftover steak from the night before.

SNACK 2 (about 4:30pm):

This also varies, but lately has included any of the following:

Fruit, or

Veggies, or

Wasa Bread with Humus

Goals:  Again, just like the first snack, the goal is to eat fruits or veggies, but – surprisingly – the Wasa bread (a very dry, wheat bread – almost like a cracker) and humus is really good and helps me get more protein.

Dinner (about 7pm):

This varies, again, based on what I have at home for leftovers.  Some of my recent dinners have consisted of:

Home made chicken wings or chicken strips (See note below), or

Salad with chicken, or

Tortilla with some kind of season meat, cheese, lettuce, and

And dinner always has to include some type of vegetable (carrots, Celery, left over broccoli from the night before)

Goals:  Again, protein, protein, protein – and more vegetables.

SNACK 3 (about 830pm):

Lately, my go to has been popcorn. Yes, you heard it right – popcorn. I can even have a little butter on it and it isn’t bad.  I am avoiding things like chips, though, at night (more on that below) and rarely allow myself something like No Sugar Added Ice Cream.


First off, the best thing I ever did was buy an Air Fryer.  What is an Air Fryer?  An air fryer is – in my opinion – probably the greatest invention ever.  When I make my chicken wings or chicken strips, I season them however I want – sometimes I may add some panko or other breading – and then I put them in the machine.  The machine ‘fries’ them, but does not use any oil or grease, only air.  That means the fat and calorie content is far lower than it would be if you fried them

The other thing I do in food prep is I steam my veggies (rather than fry them) and I bake when I can’t use the air fryer (rather than fry).  Anytime I can cut down on the oil and fat intake, it makes it better for me.

Things I don’t eat:

I avoid the following foods like the plague, including:

Soft Bread (I can have toast or crackers, but anything with any type of a ‘dough’ consistency tends to ball up and make me feel like monkey crap).  This also includes anything soft or doughy, including sugar free cookies, sugar free cake – anything like that consistency is off the table.

Rice (I have had a few bites and have been okay, however, I have heard horror stories of people in pain for hours because of rice, so I tend to avoid it)

Soda/Energy drinks (I avoid for two reasons.  1 – it’s just flat out bad for you, and 2 – the carbonation can cause stretching of my stomach, and 3 – the gas from soda (I imagine) would hurt since my stomach is way smaller than it used to be.  I just don’t see a point in going back to it.

Processed Sugar in any form:  Whether it be candy, cereal or processed foods, I avoid sugar every chance I get.  My number for sugar is 6 grams or less per serving.  To put that in perspective, check the nutritional value of what you eat.  Most foods have more than 6 grams of sugar per serving.  Hell, even processed meats (sausage, salami, etc) have sugar.  Now, EVERYTHING I eat is checked for the sugar content before I eat it.  I’m afraid if I eat more than that, it will make me sick.  Plus, I don’t need all that sugar, so I avoid it.  I do, however, get to eat as much ‘natural’ sugar as I can get – from fruits, mostly.  Those have no impact on me negatively.  So, I can eat as much fruit and vegetables as I want.

Things I try to eat in very low doses:

Chips (This is hard, as I have a huge soft spot for salty foods. Chips are high in carbs, so I probably shouldn’t eat them at all.  I do, however, have some a couple times a week.  Probably more than I should.

Sugar Free Candy (I bought a lot of gummies and licorice when I was in Alaska, and I may have one or two gummies a day.  They aren’t bad for you, so much as they are high in carbs, and carbs are my enemy.)

Milk:  I love LOVE milk.  However, lately, Milk does not love me. It creates some pain – possibly from gas – when I drink it, so I very rarely have it.

Fast Food:  I will admit, I occasionally have a soft taco from Taco bell, but I try to avoid it – mainly because I don’t know what is in what they are serving me, I don’t know how much sugar and I can’t account for the carbs.  Fast food is high in crap (Carbs, Re-engendered sugars And Preservatives), so when I can avoid it, I do.

The hardest thing to do in this is make sure I get enough liquids.  The goal after surgery was 48 ounces minimum a day. The problem for me was, after surgery, I couldn’t stand the taste of water.  It tasted very metallic.  Luckily, I found some ways around it:

No Sugar Added Hot Cocoa (Thank God for this stuff.  I have one glass of it each morning, which I normally sip for an hour or so after I get to work.  The taste isn’t bad – especially considering I use half a packet of the powder and then some of the NSA chocolate syrup.

Juice Packets (This stuff saved my butt.  Thanks to WINCO, I found a ton of Sugar Free juice packets, including Root Beer (my drink of choice).  I make one of those packets stretch to my 24 oz water bottle, and I get two of those in a day.  That, plus my hot cocoa, gets me above 60 oz a day.)


I have to avoid chips, really.  That’s the main bad food for me.  Everything else I eat, I think I am okay on.  And I don’t think I have to avoid chips completely, but I shouldn’t eat a whole handful or two at a time.

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